A deliberate and outright deception--part I

This article is a wakeup call. A wakeup call particularly to those who are utterly deficient of deep and critical thinking. For example have we looked into questions such as the followings before jumping into misleading conclusions and interpretations of the deceptions deliberately disseminated by Gen. Kemal Gemechu lead OLF here after called Faction-A . The faction being lead by Dawoud Ibssa here after will be called Faction-B. Here are the questions supposedly to be asked and responded to.

a. Which faction of OLF truly represents the Oromo people, if one believes they are representing the Oromo people? Have we ever said, hold it, which one is the true representative of Oromo people to deal with, in the first place?

b. There are a number of prominent Oromo political organizations inside Ethiopia. Even OPDO should be considered in the scheme of the bigger picture. These political organizations who are inside Ethiopia have spread and embedded their organizational structure inside the Oromo people down to the village level. Here, the question is have we done the comparison between those Oromo political organizations with such social connections, with that of the Faction-A, which is, absolutely with no such social connections, before blindly taking side and mislead the struggle and above all the Ethiopian society.

c. The other critical question that should have been asked was, is there a real difference between Faction-A and Faction-B, before siding with Faction-A? Have we even contemplated to compare the two and find out whether there is real identifiable difference or not? What is the guarantee that they will not finally join and form one body? This organization called OLF is born and cultivated with lies and fabrications. How would one trust any faction of this organization with such characteristics, may I ask?

d. The rhetoric coinage of words by Faction-A are, repeatedly used ones at that, “united Ethiopia,” and “one Ethiopia.” Have you looked into it and tried to identify its implications? Unity when referring to a country and its society automatically assumes one flag, one physical and political map and one national language. For common language will facilitate the promotion of national unity. If Faction-A sincerely meant what it said, then, these factors are very important to be considered and be implemented. Walking the talk.

These and other potentially determining questions should have been asked and answered unambiguously before emotionally jumping and become elated without, in my opinion, having a clue where Faction-A is calculatingly maneuvering to take the so called Alliance and the Ethiopian society, particularly those in Diaspora.

This analysis is based on a number of articles and released free presses of Faction-A. I have also watched and listened to the videos or you tubes of speeches made in public meetings and interviews given particularly by the leadership of Faction-A, very carefully by taking notes. I have also read very carefully the political program of Faction-A. It is really amazing to discover how this group of OLF was and still are fooling the Ethiopian community. Particularly those intellectuals in the Diaspora. In turn the Diaspora groups are the ones who are misleading those who are emotionally and organically attached themselves to the misery of Ethiopian society. With this type of sincere attachment, it appears, this society will accept anything for the sake of Ethiopian society without questioning its implications and its deceptions.

Now I will start discussing the five topics that I have lined up.
1. What factors forced Faction-A to stop and think about their current political dilemma?

1.1 Not ESAT.

In my opinion, the hosts of this social media that interviewed Faction-A leaders were not completely on the side of the unity of Ethiopian people. Their questions were not forceful, aggressive and developmental. They were not thoroughly prepared by reading articles, press releases of Faction-A with the main objective, first by coming out of the box they locked themselves in, to provide the facts about OLF to the Ethiopian people in general and to the Oromo people in particular. Sincere and organic concern with the unity of Ethiopian people, on the part of these ESAT hosts, would have brought up hidden motives and deceptions to the surface and exposed it to the Ethiopian people in general and the Oromo people in particular. Instead, they were providing them a forum to further deceive the Ethiopian society. Their nature of questioning was in fact reviving a dying liberation front. I can give a number of concrete examples beginning from the interview of Dr. Dimma Negeo as to how the interviews were not penetrating, well calculated and at the same time very instructional to those who are listening.

Here are three concrete examples to show how some of these ESAT hosts are not seriously concerned about the unity of Ethiopian people. In fact they re sabotaging it. During the telephone interview of Gen. Hailu Gonfa they improvised the interview: a) by projecting the carved out map of OLF and the invented OLF flag being stuck on the map, b) by displaying armed fighters of OLF, to show the force of OLF, and c) displayed about four individuals raising the flag of OLF on a hill top exactly duplicating the Iwo Jima war memorial erected in Arlington adjacent to Arlington Cemetery. Iwo Jima memorial represents a very hard fought victory of 1945 over Japan by the United States marine corps. Does ESAT understand the meaning of displaying of such symbol? Is ESAT prophesying a victory by OLF over the people of Ethiopia, at the expense of the unity of Ethiopian people? This farfetched and laymanish comparison. It is like a comparison made by another uninformed Ethiopian artist. This Ethiopian artist compared the treatment of Ethiopian people with that of the horrible and humanly in comprehendible treatment of African slaves during the journey by being forced to enter the United States of America, and after they entered America. He is simply a political salesman slowly exposing his true characteristics. He has the potential to say and do anything at the expense of the unity of Ethiopian people. Birds of the same feather flocked together.

These are the reasons for saying these ESAT hosts are not concerned about the unity of Ethiopian people. And these are the reasons for saying they are in fact sabotaging the unity of Ethiopian people. Unless they are tunnel versioned they should be able to comprehend the interpretations and the implications of what they are talking and doing. By the substance of their primary questions and then by the follow up questions, one can observe that they have not even thought about it. In my opinion at any time and whenever any issue are discussed or brought up with OLF, whether it is with Faction-A or with Faction-B, it automatically assumes the ultimate objective to be the unity of Ethiopian people. Therefore, it automatically controls the drift and the development of the discussions or the question and the answer processes. There cannot be any other reason. Contacts and discussions based on this principle can be initiated and perused with the two factions until the issue is completely resolved. But there cannot be any negotiations of any form on the principle of the unity of Ethiopian people.

No one in good conscious, can talk or discuss about the economy, education, health, human rights and the rule of law with OLF factions. Because, since their struggle is, as repeatedly stated to be self-determination up to and including independence of Oromo people, it is none of its business and it doesn’t concern it. It should not, never, be allowed to use these Ethiopian people’s issue to be used as a Trojan horse to disarm meek Ethiopians. The behavior and the act vividly demonstrated during the interview process shows the political prostitution of ESAT. Therefore, since it is sabotaging the unity of Ethiopian people it should be denied any type of funding. It is a crime against the people of Ethiopia to fund it with this type of clear political prostitution.

Please read the interview of Dr. Nuro Dedeffo by “The Ethiopian” news paper. One would clearly see how this journalist slowly and with logical thought processes was developing a complete picture of what was and is going on in the minds of these Faction-A leaders. I will use this interview at the later stage of this article.

1.2 It is not Ginbot 7

I firmly argue that a multinational political organizations aught not in any way cultivate nationalities oriented political organizations particularly liberation fronts. If not openly, the concealed objective is to discourage the formation of nationalities oriented political organizations because the ultimate objective is to maintain and foster a united and undivided Ethiopia. I think, at least this kind of thought process is subliminal. For an extremely poor country such as Ethiopia, in the midst of abundant natural resources to top into, the unity of its people is a must to guaranteed stability. In a country where over eighty nationalities exist, stability is a function of economic development hence the eradication of POVERY.

Here, it does not mean to disparage or do anything negative or to campaign against the existing nationalities political organizations particularly inside Ethiopia. In my opinion these nationalities political organizations will wither out through time, that is, when the Ethiopian people become the supreme owner of the administrative process of the country. The result of May 15, 2005 as well as the result of 2010 elections illuminated this process of withering out of the nationalities political organizations. Particularly in the 2005 election, the nationalities political organizations were no where near even to be considered to form a coalition government. Because, the overwhelming majority of those who came out to vote, voted for the multinational political organizations. They refused to fall into the trap of the divisive division of the country by TPLF along ethnic and language boundaries. This is the historic phenomenon that the liberation fronts, particularly OLF could not comprehend at all. I am wondering, whether, even the intellectuals in Diaspora comprehended this historic revelation.

Ginbot 7 tried its level best to reconcile the factions of OLF. Ginbot 7, this fake political organization, did not realize that it is cultivating a liberation front determined to dismantle Ethiopia. Not only that it became an instrument to revive a dying liberation front. Ginbot 7 is a dangerously opportunistic political prostitutes political organization that aught to be dismantled.

Did you observe the drama of the Virginia public meeting of February 19, 2012 held by Ginbot 7 and Faction-A? One of the telling drama was the welcoming speech made by Oromigna which was translated into amarigna, against the reality. It was funny. Was it necessary to do such laughable thing? All those attending the meeting perfectly speak, write, and understand amarigna, including those Oromos who would be perhaps about 10% of the attendee. Commonsense, which is the major deficient factor in the OLF leadership, would dictate to use the amaric language. For one thing it would have been efficient and effective in the sense that it would have shown how sincere and practical they would be when talking about “one Ethiopia” and “united Ethiopia.” For another it would have shown their confidence in themselves and truthfulness in what they claim they are pursuing. In addition, as far as I am concerned it is hypocritical to write in Oromigna and English on the advertisement poster. Please compare it with the advertisement poster of Alliance for Freedom and Democracy, of October 8, 2006.

The other drama was the display of the logos on the advertisement posters. Faction-A has a different logo than the one displayed as a logo which was the flag of OLF. The OLF flag should not have been used as a logo. If the OLF flag were to be used as a logo then the Ethiopian flag should have been displayed at a parallel position. It is simply a rational thing to do. The logo that was displayed by Ginbot 7 cannot represent the flag of Ethiopia. The logo displayed by Ginbot 7 could be the logo of Senegal or any other African states that use the three colors of Ethiopian flag, that is, the use of the three colors with different combinations and positions. In my opinion the dramas I mentioned above is not only an insult to the intelligence who were attending the meeting and reading the posters through the internet, it also shows the weakness and the corrupt political characteristics of Ginbot 7 that traces back to Ethiopia. These dramas should not be viewed as something trivial. It clearly shows how the most fundamental matters such as the protection of the unity of Ethiopian people, at any cost, were not taken to heart. Anything and everything that is done with Faction-A, it aught to be noted , ultimately revolves around the unity of Ethiopian people.

1.3 It is the persistent, strong and harsh criticism of OLF by seriously concerned individuals.

There were and still are individuals who have been anti OLF position. To name one of them is Getachew Reda. These individuals persistently exposed the destructive and divisiveness of OLF to the unity of Ethiopian people. Why? Because they were and still are, which I am going to prove below, for independence of Oromiya. It is critically important to note that the independence of Oromia cannot be seen separately without the destruction of Ethiopia. I sincerely hope that this will sink in well.
In my opinion, the last straw was my article, “OLF’s Inconsistencies, Lies and Fabrications of History.” This article did expose the true nature of OLF in a very concrete manner. Particularly the coming out of Faction-A and publicly “softening up” its position, even though it was deceptive, in different media outlets was after this article.

1.4 It is the recognition on the part of Faction-A, the none existence of organic political linkage with the Oromo people inside Ethiopia therefore doomed to fail irreversibly therefore they must do something about it.

Now it is trying its level best to hook up with Ginbot 7 to resuscitate its political life and meticulously design its ultimate objective to be carried out with the help of Ginbot 7 and its political allies. It was unable strengthen itself by bringing together the Oromo political organizations therefore it has to throw its lot with Ginbot 7, perhaps a position that would backfire in the future. Particularly for Faction-A it is a question of survival. It has to have a forum to tell its existence riding on the back of the donkeys.

1.5 The most critical one is, particularly Faction-A clearly realized that the people of Orom was not and still are not behind its independence theory. How dare one tell the builders of Ethiopia you are not Ethiopian? This is what always baffling me. Here are concrete historical experiences that show that the Oromo people were not following, hence not behind OLF.

Experience number one is that had OLF been sure that the Oromo people was behind it, in 1991, when there was no government in Ethiopia, it would have declared its independence by over riding the control of TPLF. It had its flag. It had its carved out map. There are over thirty million Oromos, a power house. So what held back OLF from declaring its independence? The simple fact is that it did not have the full confidence of the Oromo people that it will follow it and back it up. The Oromo mass was not and still not behind OLF then, and now behind Faction-A.

Experience number two is what took place when OLF was part of the transitional government. They did not have the confidence in themselves to convert the opportunity they had into a potential political threat and be taken seriously by TPLF. They were not in a position to challenge TPLF because they know that the Oromo mass would not back them up. I don’t think OLF trusted the Oromo people even to hide it. Otherwise the whole leadership would not have evacuated and migrated to foreign countries. The positions of Faction-A in relation to the Oromo people aught to be the lenses through which we should look into it very critically. In my opinion it is a floating front. It is simply in the air with no roots. Not roots mean no attachment and hence no nourishment.

Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD)
April 5, 2012