How did TPLF ethno-centric dictatorial rule get away with ethnic cleansing and other acts of violence?

We are haunted by the images we saw posted by free media website or listened by several international radios in the displacement of Amharic speaking people from the southern part of Ethiopia. Many of us are angry, unable to sleep, getting flashback to the Arba Gugu’s, Anuak’s, Oromo’s, and other many victims. How is this type of atrocities continue for the past several years? Everyone must be wondered how human being could be capable of all this calculated violence on these poor farmers. The farmers did not understand what they have done wrong. The only reason that caused them to be uprooted, killed and their property to be destroyed for being Amharic language speaker. These Ethiopian tragedies are orchestrated by main architects of TPLF ethno-centric dictatorial leadership. These gullible politicians have the power of the gun in the name Tigraye people. They are mobilizing on ethnic platform to alienate ordinary Tigray speaking from the rest of the nation. TPLF's moral deterioration so bad, the past 21 years they created a culture of greed, selfishness, fear, bribery etc.  and continue to convey hatred among people and being fueled every single day. They harbor a complete grudge to destroy the nation existence. This is the darkest hour in Ethiopian history. When enough is enough?

Article 39 of the constitution is mask for instituting discriminatory rule, not to respect the right of nationalities as they claimed. It is exclusionary and path for regime greed in reaping the country’s wealth. It is inevitable fully fledged uprising by the Ethiopian people to remove them from power will come. The diaspora efforts to expose TPLF’s atrocities has not brought to substantial stage. I would say due to lack of money to hire lobbyist to work with US politician, probably I might include the absence of strong political or civic organizations. We also know that if we unite and speak in one voice to channel our efforts will be effective rather than voicing separately. There is plenty of rooms for all opposition parties to work together to get resounding support from civic organization and individuals. There are also plenty of actions individuals could take by their own to mitigate TPLF’s attack.  For example, as individuals we should not allow continuing to bicker over every petty difference, working as unity is a no brainer to each of us.  To cite a further example an individual should “to STOP doing business with Woyanne-affiliated businesses that fuel its machinery of repression.” as suggested on Ethiopia Review website. The Western countries political leaders that provide support to this repressive regime will pay attention as we stepped up our advocacy effort in every corner. The fall of brutal dictator in Egypt that enjoyed support from Western countries for decades is one example.  After all who imagined this dictator would outset within few weeks. This is our inspiration and strengthens the movement for change.

The last twenty one year’s systematic ethnic cleansing, in wide spread torture of political prisoners, crime against humanity, etc. are documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Also, in one of the foreign observer group publication, The International Crisis Group states in 9/4/09 “Without genuine multi-party democracy, the tensions and pressures in Ethiopia's polities will only grow, greatly increasing the possibility of a violent eruption that would destabilize the country and region.” It does not matter how much Meles’ political manipulation played to cover up his autocratic rule to foreign affairs. His regime’s crimes are abundantly clear and well documented. Any ordinary person living inside or outside the country can describe the TPLF’s crimes one-by-one account of their bad deeds. It is evident that there is no freedom of speech, press or protest. The independent journalists, opposition leaders and supporters are prisoned , harassed or killed, internet sites are blocked, now ethnic cleansing in full swing.

Given these facts, we diaspora should not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by petty difference; we should focus on our primary people’s enemy number one, TPLF rule.  A lot of people who might show little interest in politics at the outset but if the activists build real momentum by informing TPLF crimes they respond with full support. It might take a while debating to agree to some of the issues, eventually the deeper issues such as ethnic cleansing, democratic rules etc. is already resonate in all of us. The regime is surviving by brutal force.  Of one thing we can be sure is that the TPLF’s dark story and cruelty will be placed in its own coffin as seen in past Ethiopia or world history.

The TPLF regime did indeed function silently and succeeded the past several years with deception as weapon and self-aggrandizing propaganda. Of course, Meles is a ring leader, he out maneuvered all “rivals” within his own party and emerged as one of the worst dictator in Africa. The rest of the party members are even aware of the existence of their own constitution, let alone of the meaning basic law. They are happy getting the daily crumbs and guresha. Meles is who always has the final word in all matters. He is busy inventing new ways to continue his dictatorial rule. He is in power not based on some type of ideological convection but with systematic bribery to their cronies, silent killing whoever is on his way. But in the end, he or supporters to bear responsibility for the crime they have done against the peace loving people and large scale corruption.  Although the opposition group inside the country are exhausted all the democratic avenues, the diaspora can should continue intensifying robust propaganda campaign in exposing their bad deeds.

Our aim is concrete with twofold. The first to work to a coalition of Ethiopiawnet that would gather us all under one banner as seen on 2005 (GC) historical election year. The second is to support the domestic and aboard opposition political groups, and to continue to be mouth piece of democratic rule, exposing on free media on the large scale corruption, land grab, the looting and stashing millions dollars in foreign bank, torture, unlawful killing, a trend of ethnic cleansing etc. with increased involvement and repeated demand democracy for Ethiopia inevitably will bring a change. The apparently Western countries lesser role shall not discourage us. As our robust propaganda reach to the ordinary western people the question of ethical dilemmas and to stand on higher moral will prevail. 

Ewnetu Sime