The Middle East is the epicentre of the world's great religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Great mathematicians, scientist and engineers originated from this part of the world. The pyramids of Egypt, the Walls of Babylon, the lamps of Aladdin, the great pharaohs etc are historical testaments of the ancient civilizations of the Arabian Peninsula. Jesus and Mohammed were born, raised and resurrected in this part of the world.

In literature the Bible (written 1600 years ago) and Koran (632 AD) both demonstrated the intellectual genius of the ancient people of the Mediterranean. These literatures continue to influence our social, economic and spiritual lives as well as shape our spiritual and moral behaviour to eternity. Both have influenced society for millennia.

However, as we go back in the twilight zone of time as good deeds originated from the followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, horrific stories and evil deeds also originated out of them. Adam and Eve cursed mankind because they betrayed the words of God. Jewish conspiracy and betrayal led to crucifying Jesus Christ. Mohammed diminished women's status and their treatment under Islamic jurisprudence. In Saudi Arabia unimaginable types of evil and barbarism are fabricated in the name of Islam. Mistreatment of women, the proliferation of int'l terrorism, the outsourcing of evil doers i.e. Osama Bin Laden, Al Shebabe and Wehabi fanatics originate from Saudi Arabia. It is a country bent to spread Islam at the expense of the lives of innocent people that it calls 'Infidels" or non believers.

Mohammed borne in Mecca was believed to have had a humble, tolerant, compassionate and GOD fearing personality. His marriage was multi ethnic including Khadija of Ethiopia. He never discriminated. He created a tolerant and honest religion. Unfortunately, what is coming out of the Saudi Empire is evil and barbarism of gargantuan proportions. This Empire which reaps billions of dollars from the oil fields has despised modern education. Anything under the universe including technology, labour, land, sex and education are commodities that Saudi money has to buy. Hence these  commodities have to be treated in Saudi's terms. Being damn proud of their riches they even don't dare to wash their own plates. To do their household chores they import maids from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. One source of this cheap labour is Ethiopia where importations of Ethiopian maids and concubines have increased exponentially. About 45,000 Ethiopians are imported by Saudi Arabia on monthly bases to work as maids often at cheap wage rates ($1000/month). This wage is equivalent to the amount that a Saudi billionaire pays to a brothel for an hour's pleasure in Europe.

Are Ethiopian women wrong to seeking employment in Saudi Arabia -for God's sake "NO". In a country like Ethiopia where unemployment is a staggering 50%+, it is natural for these women to seek employment in Saudi Arabia. If Ethiopia's economy had functioned well they would not have set their feet on unknown land. Desperate as they are the women go extra mile to changing their given names to Islamic names and camouflage their dressing code to resemble their employer's culture. Prior to their departure these women were full of dreams and hopes of getting money to build houses to their parents, support their sibling's education and send money to their parents. Instead what they earn from the promised land of Arabia is not money but rape, torture, beating, starvation and death. Their parents and families back home receive body bags instead of the promised cash.

A few weeks ago a young Ethiopian women called Alem Dechassa was forcefully taken and beaten in broad day light at the door steps of the Ethiopian Consulate in Beirut. Then she was taken to an unknown prison where she was reported to have committed suicide. Only the prophets of the great religions would know how Alem died and what type of torture, rape and beating she endured before her death. The horrific images of Alem Dechassa's abduction shocked Ethiopians and the international community. That is why the United Nations has requested the government of Lebanon to make a through investigation of her case.

Before this incident evaporated from our mind another gross human right violation of innocent Ethiopian women took place in Saudi Arabia.  These women whose hands and legs are tied to beds and walls are found tortured at the nerve centre of the holy land of Mecca Median. No one knows why the Saudi's commit such barbaric acts against these defenceless and powerless Ethiopian women.  It neither correspondence to the teachings of Mohammed nor to the tenets of human decency. Even animals in the wilderness do not have this level of cruelty. Animals attack other animals if they are hungry or feel threatened, usually as an act of self defence. When animals know that they have won the enemy they refrain from aggression. If Animals have this level of intelligence and wisdom then why the Homo Sapiens of Saudi Arabia are deficient of this common sense. The act of the Saudis, Lebanese and other Middle Eastern countries against Ethiopian maids is beyond one's comprehension. No religion gives divine right to bully and torture others. It is indeed not Islamic. If Mohammed rises from grave HE would certainly curse the evil empire of HIS holy land.

During the Hijera (Migration of Islam) Mohammed advised his followers to migrate to Ethiopia (then Abyssinia). Mohammed acknowledged that the humble and decent Ethiopian Orthodox Christians would give his followers sanctuary and protection. True to his words Ethiopians not only received His followers but also treated them with at most humanity and curtsy. Bound by Abyssinian kindness HE openly declared that Islam under no circumstances should attack Ethiopia and Ethiopians. This fact is found registered in the Koran a thousand years ago. Then one begs to question the current motive of Islamic barbarism unleashed on Ethiopian Women in the heart land of Mecca against. Emirates women pour hot water on Ethiopian maids; throw acids on the innocent and beautiful faces of their women employees. The world has witnessed what the wife of the late Mohammed Ghaddafi did to her Ethiopian maid. We know for fact that these Muslim women in the Middle East are themselves victims of forced marriages, torture, sodomy and bullying. Evidently a bullied person is more likely to end up a bully himself or herself. What is interesting is that Muslim Clerics who are fond of passing Fatwa for every little un-Islamic issue gave a deaf ear to the torture and abuse of Ethiopian maids by their followers. The choice is one either Islam condones this type of barbarism or the mullah's/clerics are ignorant of the teachings of Mohammed.

Moreover rich Saudi Sheiks travel to Ethiopia to prostitute and fornicate with beautiful and young Ethiopians daily. They sleep with multiple women (< age girls) at the Sheraton Ethiopia Hotel built by their agent Mohammed Ala Moudihn. Ethiopians tolerate this because they are poor and helpless.

It is incomprehensible how the Saudi Empire allows such gross violation of innocent women. Ethiopians keep wondering whether the Saudi men intoxicated with their oil money have mothers, sisters and daughters.  Many assume that these men are borne of inanimate objects. If indeed they are humans then they have to come out of their Stone Age mentality and prove to us that they are members of the true Homo Sapiens of the  21st century. They need to start and think as human beings and not as the Scorpions of the Desert of Arabia.

Someone with power, intelligence have to tell Saudis other Middle Eastern Countries that it is time to stop this madness and behave as real human creatures. That power rest with the United Nations which has a moral and institutional responsibility to stop this barbarism, slavery and gross human rights abuses against poor Ethiopian women in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. UNICEF, the watchdog of women and children right must break its silence against this gross abuse of Ethiopian Women. As the late Emperor Haile Selassie I said "throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph".

Date: April 18, 2012
Aie Zi Guo  (aiezuguo@yahoo.com)