Medrek is the New Version of EPRDF

By Yelfiwos Wondaya
From the out set, TPLF has been in control of Ethiopian State Power but for the sake of international compliance it continues to operate behind the façade of EPRDF. EPRDF is a coalition brought together by TPLF itself in order to clean its dirty laundry and to do the rest of its household tasks. Meaning TPLF created EPRDF on its own image to rigidly apply its rules of ethnic ideology against the will of Ethiopian people. Correspondingly, though it appears that TPLF may well have another medium like MEDREK to channel its ethnic ideology in cooperation with the old horse at hand. So in this case one would not expect anything diverse and wide-ranging political format from the same tribal chiefs whose inclinations have been and still are to stick together with their own kind by excluding other Ethiopians just because such Ethiopians are not part of their clan. And yet at the wake of waning and weakening EPRDF, part of the WOYANE’S leadership is in a rash to control the newly ethnic based coalition in order to reinforce and preserve its Tigrean hegemony intact in Addis. Basically, that is the reason behind the formation of this coalition appears to be since both Siye and Gebrue Asrat are in charge to run its every move ahead. What’s more, both of them are former TPLF leaders with vested interest of rearranging their ethnic federalism in order to rehash the same old song with no fundamental change attached to it. They may have quarrel with Meles but not with a closely organized system of TPLF’S ethnic ideology that formed the basis of WOYANE’S political philosophy to begin with. Seye in his public meeting in Seattle Washington told his audience to reconsider the peace and stability Ethiopians enjoyed for the last 21 years. What does he mean by peace and stability?
First and foremost, racism is a road map to destroy humanity and as well it is a war on human race. It gives rise to an evil quality of human genius that tempts humans to become animal like monster. Racism knows no fear of God, no inner voice, no rational or logic that would give human tips and balances to equalize its sense of humanity in which human society is calm and able to make rational judgments. Racists treat humanity with disrespect. You must be one to find a friend and that is what Racists lack the most. Racism may be defined as the hatred of one person by anther based on his or her color of skin or ethnic background. Isn’t that what ethnic ideology is based on? So the mere idea that all ethnic based political groupings including TPLF have in common is nothing else but abhorrence they have to any races other than their own. That is the fact!
Secondly, since such ethnic based organizations and elements involved in MEDREK are from the same socio-economic background, one would not expect them to be representatives of their ethnic groups either. Meaning they are incapable of representing any constituencies other than their own elite groups. By all accounts, they have what it takes to be part of the upper classes of their own respective regions and as well enjoy the resources and advantages associated with being rich and powerful. Besides, with the exception of some defectors here and there, all in so-called MEDREK happen to be tribal oriented and old-fashion racists. Racial discrimination would not be a legitimate case in point for narrow nationalists to win the hearts and minds of the ethnic group they claim to represent. We know it by heart that heaven and hell don’t mix. But in the minds of narrow nationalists everything in between is confused which is why they are destined to be lost souls.
Besides, hate is a crime since it causes displeasure, anger and resentment to any other fellow country men and women. Most important of all, isn’t that what all racists have in common? The other agenda they have in common with TPLF is also that they have excessive devotion to their own narrow agenda of nation and nationality questions, often associated with a belief that their GOSSA is superior or inferior to one another especially to that of ethnic group called AMHARA. Isn’t that the very agenda they share with TPLF to begin with? A platform in which all ethnic based organizations including TPLF agree on to work together against the greater Ethiopian nationalism and also a plan of action adopted by those who oppose to Ethiopian Nation State and as well a set belief on which their platform is always based to challenge the very existence of Ethiopia and the moral and social fiber of her people for so long. unlike EPRP and other broadly based political organizations, those in MEDREK plus TPLF condemned not the systems we had in the past but AMHARAS as if all AMHARAS were in a position where all and sundry was under their control. To put it briefly, ethnically based and narrowly focused political groupings that carry out the same socio-political policy of TPLF could not be any better than TPLF itself. “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.” — Eric Hoffer
And then again, for the record, in the conference of 1991 held by TPLF, Professor Asrat was the only voice that avowed to Ethiopia ’s glory and stood tall against their verdict. And the only participant in that very conference who said no for TPLFS’ misleading proposal and advised others to disregard TPLFS’ political scandal. But on the other hand Professor Beyene Petros and others in newly defunct MEDREK accepted TPLFS’ scandal with full hearts and shining eyes. That is the fact! The notion once generated the illusion of change by penalizing AMHARAS and confusing ethnic AMHARA with the nationhood of Ethiopia as a whole was formulated none other than by Gebiru Asrat and Siye Abraha of today’s MEDREK and finally endorsed by the majority participants brought together by Siye and comrades themselves into to that conference room. Nothing is further from the truth! Isn’t that part of the dues they are yet to pay? Aren’t they the ones who failed us as a nation and tried to substitute Ethiopian Nation State with their parochial doctrine called KILLIL FEDERALISM? Anyone harboring the notion of tribal and ethnical strife to take root in Ethiopian soil must be condemned permanently.
Last but not least, public sentiment is everything, especially, when it comes to politics and public support at large. Obviously, none of them have a base of political support. Because of their disgraceful political positions they held against Ethiopian Nation State throughout their political careers. It is no wonder though that Ethiopians are outraged allover by the disgraceful actions and decisions TPLF has been making all along in order to dismantle their country. Isn’t that the reason why TPLF is suffering the direct consequence of their negligence of Ethiopian national grievances nowadays? “With public sentiment nothing can fail. Without it nothing can succeed” So can such alignment with such background fit to live in a state of such social equation?
Be that as it may, I believe we are at a time when the unity and the struggle of the two opposing positions come to face to face in a challenge and often with hostility, harsh criticism and defiance. The Unity Force VS Narrow Nationalists! So it is time on our part to have to use the diary of each individual involved in the so-called MEDREK against their political fate in Ethiopia . The official record of those in MEDREK has been and still is to reform and adopt the existing ethnocentric political mode of behavior and thereby to persuade Ethiopians as such and impose the same tyrannical system against the will of the people. Little we knew what fate has in store for MEDREK, still we can tell that this alignment will be fade away shortly. One would tell often on the basis of present indications and as well based on the background of hose elements involved in this alignment. Almost all of them are a public disgrace for the fact they were part of the leadership of TPLF and other disgraceful political organization under the previous dictatorial regime. As a result, such bad elements are incapable of rallying the public behind them ahead and shall remain to be a public disgrace forever.
Unlike Reformers and Reactionary elements in combined, the position of the union force including EPRP is nothing but to topple TPLF from power. MEDREK is for reform while the union force is to beat the system. When such reactionary factions as ARENA of Tigray join MINORS in Ethiopia in order to reorganize and reform The Tigrian Hegemony, one has to ask the following questions, one is that is it to reform the current ethnocentric political system that is considered to be faulty, ineffective and unjust or what? And yet, the two camps will continue to generate strong conflict not for political offices throughout the country, but for they have an opposing views toward Ethiopian unity and her territorial integrity. Both have indeed significant differences between them both in the characteristics of their members and platforms.
EPRP endured years of war and repression and yet it continues the struggle steadily despite hardship, difficulties and obstacles. EPRP vowed not to turn to the side or otherwise to alter the direction of the movement or not to lose the sight of its noble cause at all times. Obviously, though EPRP remains an all time potential rival of all forms of tyranny in our country and continues to be so until it makes sure that sweeping political, economic, and social changes take place in Ethiopia as opposed to that of the sporadic movements led by some fragmented quarters destined for. The reformers including ARENA of Siye desire nothing but to amend the existing ethnocentric system of government and keep the status quo alive. On the other hand, EPRP is not in favor of reforming the existing ethnocentric political system and joining the tyrant regime to share power in Addis Ababa . Though one may attempt to marginalize the role of the Union Forces in general and this brave PARTY in particular but in vain. After all, Reformers and Turn Coats are incapable of persuading the public to go on against the unity forces that includes EPRP and the cause we all are for. And also, one would question whether or not those Reactionary Forces opposing to that of our progressive social and political changes are capable of being enduring hardship ahead. The fact remained solid that they are not indeed as courageous, bold, and determined enough to face the reality as EPRP and affiliates are in the real sense. So at the end, they shall end up bedding with TPLF itself and shall be swept together with the system they built in.
After all, the notion of Ethiopian nationalism is much larger than singled out ethnic nationalisms in combined. Thus one would urge everyone on board to be as positive as one can be to attain our unity and fight on against vulcanization. And then again, move on to the next level in which our superior moral truth is dominant and prevailing winds against enemy’s position. Indeed, the superior moral truth we uphold helps us defend the truth and the principles of social justice in the face of enemy’s hostility. It also provides us with more of moral victory and inspires us with confidence and courage in our struggle that shall bring about the downfall of our last few rivals in power. If not right, Might is absolutely essential for us to survive my fellow Ethiopians. In all fairness, might is the answer for an upper hand: as lip service is for an empty technique of rhetoric. Be consistent with our national interest or take a hike with the outgoing ethnocentric dictatorial regime in Addis Ababa . Besides, might is ultimately needed to check and limit enemies power base at the appointed time. And yet again, the positive aspect of all this is that victory is inevitable so long as we are determined to keep on struggling in spite of obstacles. Eventually, the premises we stated to public shall begin to have some positive results which we will get better off then by making use of our strong hold on politics in a way civility is well served. In the aftermath, though we will find ourselves in a position where the vast majority of the people are awaiting in the wings to cast their vote to the union force given that friendship is the product of privileged circumstances and authentic victories and hardly ever any enemy thereafter.
Afterwards, creating an environment in which people are already persuaded to take side with our unity force is central in order for us to influence and dictate terms and conditions in our own favor on the ground. After all, our objectives are well taken which is crucial to survive and to fit in our political environment then to organize, train and supply the youth with weapons to fight against the fate of TPLF/EPRDF That also provides us with more of firepower and muscle to twist enemy’s hand and force TPLF to negotiate, if needed to do away with them, or to deal with them if required.
Lastly, those political prostitutions that are messing and dancing around in a circle will also join us at our own pace. Those false prophets aside, however, the foremost duty of EPRP and all genuine Ethiopian political and civic organizations is to depose TPLF/EPRDF and replace its ethnocentric regime with a democratic system of government. Clearly, this is the central theme as is a dividing wall separated us from the MEDREK and other reformers. TPLF/ EPRDF together with those fortified collaborators that are relentlessly reinforcing its political muscle must be condemned permanently to the fire of hell
In conclusion, there is no such thing as that Amharas are chauvinists and Tigreans are narrow nationalists so on and so forth. Because I honestly believe that the majority of Amharas, Tigreans, and Orromos are decent (CHIWA_ Ethiopians with the exception of some human animals possessed with some evil qualities called prejudice. Consequently, what the mother of all winning children needs to see most is to see her well brought up children drawing together in an effort to rescue her from ethnic cannibalism. Virtually, only the chosen individuals of divergent views in Ethiopia can live in peace together with the rest of their links. Because they are certain that they do share certain common aspirations and hopes that are more important than their differences. Both chauvinists and narrow nationalists are the products of social prejudices. Both bark at anyone whom they do think are not part of their clans. They are obsessed with anger against any clan other than their own and are always the prisoners of their own unfortunate experiences. As a result, they both believe in retaliation. With that said, the only conceivable solution there is, is to create an environment in which we all Ethiopians can become effective, helpful participants in a way of life that blends and harmonizes the abrasives and the polite individuals together within one society called Ethiopians.
Ethiopia shall prevail!!